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Let us build it for you

We have experienced in house staff that can supply and install a structural new shed base or build your chosen product.

  • All of our products can be installed at point of delivery.
  • We can prepare most areas ready for your new product in advance of your delivery and installation.
  • We offer an extensive range of structural building bases.
  • Call us or inquire via email about our installation costs.

Simple self-build options

All of our products can be built by a DIY enthusiast and a couple of helping hands. Here are a few helpful hints and tips before you get started.

  • Make sure you have a firm and level base ready to install your new purchase on.
  • Check you have enough room around the installation area.
  • Before you start installation, please ensure you have all the necessary components and tools to get your new garden shed up first time. 

Crawley Sheds and Cabins Limited offer a full Professional Installation. Our installation Teams are familiar with our complete range of products and as such can erect your chosen Garden Building quickly with expert precision.

Many Garden Building suppliers will supply you a shed and offer no assembly or an installation date 2 to 4 weeks after delivery, this can prove difficult for the less abled or time restricted customers.

We often install our Garden Sheds the same or next day subject to weather. Our larger Cabins that often have insulation, interior boarding and electrics require a more planned approach, however, delivery is planned and arranged whilst manufacture is taking place thus again leaving an installation date of often the same day or next day.

We can also arrange a pre delivery inspection of your proposed building location if you have any concerns about your existing Garden Building Base suitability, access into your garden or delivery vehicle access.


In the event that a customer purchases an installation service for one of the products on the website the customer is thereby agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions of the installation service. This includes but is not limited to the provision of a firm and level base being in place and accessible on the agreed date of installation. Failure to provide such a base will result in the installation being aborted at the expense of the customer who would then have to pay further charges should they wish to re-arrange the installation.

Installation is available on almost each and every timber garden shed and log-cabin. Please confirm at time of booking if you require installation.

Crawley Sheds and Cabins installations are carried out by Us or subcontracted installation partners. The pro-installation team will contact you in advance of the installation of your garden building to arrange a suitable time and date for the fitting – this may be on a separate date to that of the delivery. You do not have to be around on the day of installation should you give the installation team permission to access your property.

The delivery driver is not responsible for the installation of any building delivered.

The Installers have a guide of up to 10 working days following the delivery in which to arrange and complete the installation unless discussed and agreed as otherwise. This is a guideline not a guaranteed time frame and may be extended during busier periods.

It is essential that the installer is able to use a short and easily accessible route to take the building from where it has been placed during delivery to where it is required to be installed. This includes ensuring there are no obstacles such as narrow pathways or archways. If the access route from kerbside to base is particularly long or difficult to manoeuvre you may be required to move the building into position yourself before the installers arrive - please clarify this in advance with your installer if you are unsure to avoid the possibility of a re-visit charge having to be applied.

It is essential that a Firm and Level base be in place before installation can take place - failure to provide this, in the opinion of the professional installation team, will result in the installation being aborted with a re-visit charge being required to be paid by the customer should another appointment have to be made.

It is essential that the base whereby the installation is required to take place is clear and easily accessible with sufficient working space around all sides (generally considered to be approximately 18 inches) before the install team arrives and if this is not possible, the customer will inform Us prior to the installation taking place.  Failure to provide a cleared base with reasonable working space will result in the installation being aborted with a re-visit charge being required to be paid by the customer should another appointment have to be made.

It is essential that you have fully checked the delivery of your garden building to ensure that all components, parts and fixings are present and correct before the install team arrives (informing us before-hand should there have been any shortages) to ensure that they have everything required for installation to take place.


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